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Tree removal is best done quickly, safely, and efficiently. This is the language our tree removal specialists in Minneapolis speak and understand. Throughout the years, we have been helping our clients remove dead, diseased, and dangerous trees. It is not for nothing that we call ourselves experts.

​Compared to healthy trees that make your property beautiful, problem trees, if left unattended, can make your business or home unsafe. Our experts evaluate, cut down, and remove any trees that pose safety risks to your property. The reason we exist is to help you manage your tree recover.

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Minneapolis is our home as we have been operating from here for quite a long time. We have executed various tree removal projects involving different types, shapes, and sizes of trees.

Every time you spot a problematic tree, let us know immediately and we shall help you inspect and evaluate it. We always take time to discuss the best options available with our clients so that we can find an agreeable removal protocol.

​We have invested in the right equipment and expertise to ensure safe tree removal even in tricky and hard-to-access sections, without damaging property. The remains of the fallen tree are loaded onto our vehicles for transportation to disposal areas. Before we leave the work site, we ensure it is cleaned up.

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Tree removal minneapolis mn


We have honed our skills as expert tree removal specialists over the years. Our services are not only affordable, but also dependable and of high quality. In the reviews of our previous customers, we have received very high ratings and have been accredited by various bodies involved in tree inspection, management, and removal.

  • Experience – Our services are high quality and we have been consistently attending to our customers at any time of day or night. With this, there is no tree removal exercise that we are not familiar with.
  • Dependability – As licensed and insured professionals, our Minneapolis clients can rest assured that we have their best interests at heart. We follow the standard protocols and practices expected of us and always act to protect our name and brand.
  • Responsiveness – Our 24-hour operating schedule guarantees you that at whatever, we shall attend to your service call. We have invested in a fleet of vehicles and organized our staff such that there is always a person on standby. We understand every corner of Minneapolis and nothing can stop us from getting to your premises.
tree service minneapolis


Before we begin the actual tree removal process, we first estimate the height and width of the tree and evaluate its lean. We factor in the direction of the fall and the presence of utility lines, buildings, and other installations that could be potentially be damaged by the tree. Once the fall zone is clear, we tie the tree on one end of the rope and the other end is held firmly by our crew. Our trained arborists then make the first V-cut and then the second V-cut to initiate the tree fall.

Are you in Minneapolis and looking for a top tree removal company? Look no further, you can always get in touch with us for the best tree removal service. Call (651) 800-0525

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